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About South Florida
  • Broward, Miami-Dade & Palm Beach counties have a population exceeding 4.9 million people.*
  • Fort Lauderdale has over 152,000 people.*
  • Miami has over 362,000 people.*
  • West Palm Beach has over 82,000 people.*
  • The average age for all three counties is 37.*
  • Three out of four consumers say they become aware of new or improved products through samples. Even more - 84% - consider switching brands when they like the free sample. (Greenfield Online, 2001)
  • Most effective is the combination of a product sample and a coupon (Brand Marketing, 2001)
  • Savvy marketers are concentrating on reaching college students where they live, both literally (on campus) and figuratively (via lifestyle) (Brand Marketing, May 2000)
Target Market
  • Teens spend an average of $100.00 per week, and last year they spent a total of $153 Billion - a number that's been growing at 6% per year (Teenage Research Unlimited)
  • College is a point of entry for many brands, and it's a time when brands are set for life (Mike Halloran, President of Optimum Group, a division of Co-Active Marketing Group)
  • 60% of college students live on campus (Greenfield Online)
  • 52% of students find out about new products from on campus sampling (Student Monitor)

*South Florida Statistics taken from 2000 Florida Census
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